“It’s a pleasure working with Chesley on our varied writing, editing, and proofreading projects for a diverse client base that ranges from education to energy and on to fashion, among others. She has a hawk’s eye for punctuation and grammar: nothing misses her gaze. She also relates well with our demanding clientele. I am very confident to assign her any project — be it reports, brochures, online, or video — and highly recommend her.”
John F. Bennett, Owner and President, Alouette Communications

“Chesley came highly recommended when we were publishing our second book, and she did not disappoint. For a 600-page book, continuity of style is critical, and Chesley’s corrections and suggestions were 100% spot-on and ensured the finished product was professionally presented and free of grammar or punctuation issues. She easily adapted to the subject, and her ability to edit a detailed and geeked-out wine reference book was remarkable — as was her ability to complete her work in a very tight time frame. We will never publish another book without her on our team.”
Erica and Allen Meadows, Burghound Books

“I highly recommend Chesley for your copy editing and copy writing needs. Working with her for over a year, I found she is extremely thorough and thoughtful in her reviewing and writing style and correspondence, and dependable and flexible with timing needs. Thanks, Chesley, for your work and partnership!”
Liz Clark, Project Management Director, Intel

“We always know that our documents are in safe hands with Chesley. Her knowledge and application of grammatical rules is exceptional, and we are always confident that every word has been carefully checked. Chesley always takes the time to confirm the names of organizations and terms online—including those that are in other languages or have been translated into English—choose the most appropriate version of the name, and explain her reasoning. She is a stickler for consistency, and this is something that we appreciate greatly—it helps us to present ourselves as a professional and reliable organization. These days, I often find myself thinking, ‘How would Chesley write this?’”
Lotte Brondum, Executive Director, Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

“Chesley’s incredible attention to detail, clear communications, eagerness to help, and all-around positive attitude made her an invaluable resource during a particularly busy time of year at Interbrand. My team and I felt so very lucky to have her working alongside us.”
Kristin Reagan, Director of Global Marketing & Communications, Interbrand 

“For a nonprofit that implements complex programs overseas, clearly communicating the nature of our work is both a challenge and a necessity. Chesley brings all our messages — from email to Web content, reports, and beyond — into precise focus, and does so on tight deadlines. She is an indispensable part of our team.”
Jeffrey Witte, Executive Director, Amend

“Working with Chesley has been a joy. Not only does she listen to her clients’ needs, she has the ability to deliver concise, well-written material in the proper tone and voice for the project, all within budget and on time.”
Diane Hatz, Founder and Executive Director at Change Food and organizer/host at TEDxManhattan

“It is a pleasure to have worked in the past with Chesley on my artwork book and in the present on my scripts and project presentations. It gives me great peace to know there is a sensible and curious person who understands the concepts behind my reasoning — who adds new ideas because she immerses herself in what she does. I am thankful to know that I work with a professional and talented woman who generously enriches my ideas with her words.”
María Cristina Carbonell, visual and multimedia artist

“Chesley has been writing copy to help me promote my music for ten years now. I trust her to quickly convey a deep sense of what I am about as an artist to a curious stranger . . . and to nudge them fast into fandom.”
Deena Rae Turner, musician

“Chesley has a remarkable eye for detail. She’s tenacious, thorough, and the most talented proofreader we’ve ever used. We highly recommend her.”
Alison Taylor, former office manager, Jaffe & Partners