My project range is broad. My focus is narrow: get the most out of every word. This does not always mean minimalism, but it does entail precision.

Much of my work involves discreet, in-house, and behind-the-scenes writing and editing that I cannot reproduce here. This ranges from numerous Fortune 100 company annual reports and communications to individuals’ poetry, novels, films, personal letters, and far more with a lot between, including voice-over recordings.

I specialize in storytelling: even if told in a single line. I try to help clients focus their intentions, voice them, and make them memorable. 

Below is a list of the sorts of projects I regularly do — as a writer, editor, and proofreader. If you’d like to see a sample of any type, just ask. I will send links or files (as long as the example is not private client material). To view some work that is accessible online, please see the Select Portfolio on the Home page.

Business / Organization / Public

– branding narratives
– voice + identity creation
– integrated marketing (B2B + B2C)
– naming / taglines
– PR
– website content
– social media
– ads
– branding guidelines
– brochures
– catalogs
– topical reports / white papers

Individual / Personal

– books (fiction + nonfiction, all genres)
– biographies
– narrative copy (for music, art exhibitions, any creative project)
– vision statements
– creative writing (from cut-ups to cupcake cookbooks)
– formal and personal correspondence (with discretion)
– invitations